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Highly Qualified and
Skilled Expertise

This trust is based upon our quality image and our reputation for consistently
delivering high-quality products. We offer efficient services along with complete
technical assistance and valuable suggestions.
R.K. Waterproofing & Company

Expert Waterproofing

We just not simply start the work and finish, we study deeply with the root cause of problem area and come with proper long term solution and work accordingly which result in 100 % customer satisfaction achievement..
R.K. Waterproofing & Company

Wet or Moldy

Our trained waterproofing contractors spread across the country and offering complete assistance and valuable suggestions as per requirement. Our company follows the latest trends in equipment and process.
R.K. Waterproofing & Company

Terrace Waterproofing

Even though we deal with all most all the water proofing chemicals & all the
methodology after analyzed the floor type and customer
requirement we suggest the suitable methodology.
R.K. Waterproofing & Company

100% Permanent
Terrace Waterproofing

Please do call us +919669967206 for choosing suitable product for your
terrace waterproofing requirements. our expert will give best solution and
explain the benefits of terrace waterproofing solutions.
R.K. Waterproofing & Company

Terrace Waterproofing
Excellent Waterproofing Capability

Though the different surfaces require different application methods, the
basic steps are surface preparation, crack filling, application of the
primary coating, then the secondary coating, and the final finish.


years of experience

With the latest technology available in the market & our own invented methods.

We have successfully completed our projects in Bhopal with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Complete Construction Chemical & Waterproofing Solution

We provide waterproofing solutions for structures which include terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leak lines, sidewalls, balconies, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools and basements and ensure expert systems to the repair and rehabilitation industry which makes us the best waterproofing contractors and consultants in Bhopal.

  • Unique Products With High Competency

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  • Quality Control System

  • Environment Friendly

  • Special Focus On Innovation & Research

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With skilled and qualified professionals at work, we are experts at tackling the most challenging waterproofing challenges and this confidence in our work inspires us to continue growing in every department.

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We use the latest technology to prevent any sort of leakages for all the new and old constructions with the modern waterproofing methods.

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We are constantly working to challenge the conventional ideas and notions of architecture, design, structural durability and materials. Completing the work in the estimated time within-budget as mentioned previously in the quotation.

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We are committed to delivering high quality services, waterproofing solutions, construction and repairs of building roofs. In order to maintain these systems, we deliver all-inclusive technical support from skilled waterproofing contractors in accordance with the significant structural waterproofing standards.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the foundation of our company. Our waterproofing products and brands are trusted and chosen by hundreds of people.

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We have the capability of value-creation with strategic approaches to reach the best solutions for customers’ problems.


Our company has been built on stand-out product Innovations, and we all have at heart to keep up our innovative mind going.